A well functioning basic machinery for a water circulation system is an indispensable element to have an ever clean swimming pool. The beauty and cleanliness of of your pool is guaranteed with our products. The Ampron pools are being built with the most effective sandfilter system because it helps to keep your pool the clearest. In case of adequate water circulation and treatment the quality of the water in the pool may remain feasible for use for 4-5 years.

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Ideal solution for environment-friendly disinfection

The mechanism of chemical-free salty pool cleaning is that we put salt directly into the pool water in app. 4-6 grams per litre proportion which is about one tenth of sea-water and nearly unconsiderate in terms of feeling. The salt degradation device dissolves the salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine gas which is a very strong disinfectant and dissolves in the water immediately via electrolysis. The active chlorine emerging within the cells destroys microorganisms immediately and ensures an adequate level of free chlorine in the pool. The pool’s active chlorine dissolves because of the UV radiation of the sun but is reproduced automatically within the cells so a natural circulation comes into being. Refilling the salt is enough once every season.


  • Self-cleaning cell with varying polarity
  • Titanium cell for effective cleaning
  • Secure operation
  • Digital display
  • Programable mode
  • Long endurance, with the manufacturer’s warranty



Disinfection without the use of chemicals, cristal clear water. Besides the therapeutic effects of the lightly salt water the bacteria free water makes secure bathing possible. The salt is being continuously reused while maintaining the disinfection so it is not harmful to the environment.

No skin irritation, red eyes

In case of pools traditionally treated and disinfected, skin irritation is nearly an everyday phenomenon, just like red eyes. These problems do not occur any more in case of salt treatment. It is an ideal solution for small children.

Extremely economical

Costly chemicals are being replaced by natural salt which needs to be refilled only once a year which means a cost of app. 30 EUR a year in case of an average 40 m3 home pool. As the use of the salt degradation device needsjust small amounts of energy, the costs of the device are reimbursed in app. four years.

Natural materials

We use normal kitchen salt, resp. sea salt to generate salt water.

No disinfection chemicals are needed

No more usage of toxic, dangerous chemicals, no more adequate storage and feeding of them.



IQ CLEANING SYSTEM – more than cleaning

An effective pool cleaning system or in other terms a self-cleaning pool is working with a complex distribution valve through which the water is being dispensed on the bottom of the pool via jets. The built-in distribution heads stir up the contaminations and leafs subsided on the pool bottom to evacuate them through the filter built in for this purpose. The IQ cleaning system assures a comfortable and cost-effective way to not only clean the pool but also to evenly and thus more favourably and effectively distribute chemicals and to decrease heating costs by stirring the lower, warmer parts of the water.


  • Programable automatic operation
  • Effective contamination cleaning
  • Collection of bigger contaminations
  • Cost-effective system
  • Secure operation


In case of traditional pools so called slack surfaces form because of the lack of water circulation. This aids the formation of algae, resp. chemicals are going to be present in a greater concentration near the surface of the pool and at the same place higher temperature form as well. The IQ cleaning system is changing this by total circulation and makes this the most effective system so you can enjoy its benefits.
With the usage of the IQ cleaning system the upstreaming water in the pool and the warm water forming at the surface mix evenly as a natural process which makes a more comfortable and bathing possible.


  • Healthier water, better environment
  • Less need for chemicals
  • No more fields with algae surfaces
  • Decreases cold spots aiding comfortable swimming
  • Decreases the use of chemicals and energy
  • Uses the energy of the sun better because of circulation
The IQ cleaning system can only be used with new pools as we build in the jets on the bottom of the pool during its manufacturing process.

Pool automation


The ideal pH value of the pool lies between 6.8 and 7.2.
The automatic pH measurement and regulation device makes the regulation to the specified values continueously possible. This solution ensures the most ideal use of chemicals by the continuous water samples from the measuring devices.


A new generation of automatic multifunctional valves. The device makes the automatic funcktioning of the pool’s equipments via easy programmability and remote controlling possible. In order to achieve the cleaning of the pool and its optimal usage, the filter system has to work adequately on a daily basis, so the rinsing which needs to be done from time to time has to be executed in the appropriate moment. In any other case the water of the pool looses quality. At such a time costs of the water replacement and its chemical treatment occur.


The device measures the chlorine and redox potential values of the water via sampling probes. The amount of the disinfecting chemicals feed is being regulated based on the measured data so secure and cristal clear water can be assured. Measuring by hand usually with litmus paper in superfluous with the usage of this device.


The essence of UV disinfection is to treat the water with UV light so the bacteria, viruses, funghi, algae and other microorganisms perish from the water without the addition of chemicals.
This radiation kills the bacteria, viruses and single-cell organisms, makes their reproduction impossible and thus decreases significantly the amount of disinfectants feed.

  • ensures fresh, clean and clear pool water
  • disinfects the water effectivey and securely
  • decreases the need for chlorine and other chemicals significantly
  • abolishes the odour, skin and eye irritation caused by chlorine
  • more environment friendly alternative disinfectation method as traditional methods




The first control system which can be operated from a domestic electric circuit and is thus installable in any home. You may apply the top of pool automation, you can program and control the equipment and accessories of your pool (lighting, filter system, water system, cleaning device etc.). The control unit can be connected to whichever plug in your house and communicates with the modules installed previously through the already existing network.


  • Graphic display with touchscreen
  • Real time clock to set timed cycles
  • Two-way signal transmission
  • Individually programmable communications protocol


  • Control of pool technical equipment
  • Circulation pump, chemical feeders
  • Gives information about the pool water, pH and chlorine levels aiding home and remote maintenance
  • Continuous pool water control, data recording
  • Controls water heating, temperation according to a previously set system
  • Opening and closing the pool cover
  • Programming the pool lighting

Pool heating

We offer the presently most effective and most comfortable pool heating method with low energy consumption.


hoszivattyuThe air heat pump ensures the heating oft he pool by using the warmth of the air. It is capable to transmit 4-5 times as much energy to the water as its input. Highly energy-efficient solution. The heat pump is the most effective way to heat your pool because it is nearly independent from the weather. The COP of the devices is 4.7 which means that the heat pump generates 4.7 kW heat energy by using 1 kW of electric energy. The heat pump maintains the temperature of the pool stableand even cools it if necessary.
The heat pump uses the water circulation system of the pool so no extra costs emerge.


szolarfutesThe heating of the pool can cause significant costs. The pool heating (independently from the size) with solar collectors minimizes the costs. Get rid of 90-95 percent of the costs and heat your pool with a solar collector! The heat energy generated by the sun collector gets into the pool through a heat-exchanger with the help of a circulation pump so no surplus energy is needed.


hocsereloDepending on the size of the pool therated output is between 25 and 60 kW.
May be used to allot warm water from gas boilers, wood boilers, fireplaces, solar collectors or any other heat energy generating source into the pool.


Depending on the size of the pool with a performance of 3-12 kW, resp. in a titanium version.

Pool lighting

Pool lighting

The pool is a decor of the garden thus a well choosen and set pool lighting is indispensable. The pools of the Ampron Ceramic System glare in a beautiful light thanks to our 3D multicolor. Building in pool lighting after the installation of the pool is particularly difficult.


If you would like to swim regularly whether for sports or you would simply just enjoy the massage function of a counter-current system of high performance, we suggest to use a device installed into the wall of the pool with high performance which is also called a swimming machine. For sports, choose one of our two- or three-headed devices which comply with the highest requirements of sports and depending on the size of the pool may be used by two people at the same time as well.

  • Excellent possibility for sports and the preservation of your health.
  • Singular intensity adjustment without grades by air,
  • security stop.



The effects of water are extraordinary. If you would ike to dissolve your everyday stress and tensions or just massage your muscles and joints, relax, hydromassage ensures a pleasant refreshment – and all this under natural circumstances.
Hydromassage is nothing else than the fitting harmony between water and air which enhances blood circulation and refreshes the body. During bathing the temperature of the body rises, the blood circulation speeds up, the blood pressure decreases, the muscles relax – it is advised for movement and rheumatic complaints, the relief of blood circulation and metabolism disorders resp. for the prevention of varicose vains.
Half an hour daily for your health and well-being.
Contrary to the pre-fabricated massage tubs our massage accessories are being installed with high performance engines thus guaranteeing the experience of a real massage.



One of the most spectacular accessories of the pools. Fabricated in every case from stainless steel, may be produced in several different versions in terms of form and size.
The most beloved form is the gargoyle in shape of a moon or a cobra.
In addition to the aesthetics, an accordingly choose pump ensures you the experience of a pleasant massage.