Covers the gap between the edge of the pool and the floor covering and as it is thicker, it ensures a more aesthetic frame for the pool and emphasizes the pool’s form.
The pool kerbstones are being manufactured and installed according to the highest technical and aesthetic standards.
We offer individually manufactured kerbstones in multiple colours, sizes and materials which fit our pools’ arches perfectly thus fitting the size and the form of the pool.


Warm natural covering. It is necessary to fabricate coverings around the pool from hardwood, resp. tropical wood which resists water and does not soak it up so that the wood does not warp.
It is necessary to treat the wood at least once a year to significantly prolonge its lifespan.


Egy megtévesztésig hasonló fa hatású fa-műanyag kompozit (70% fa 30% műanyag). Ideális felhasználás medencék köré. A fa elsősorban a természetes megjelenést, míg a műanyag és a hozzáadott egyéb anyagok a tartósságot garantálják.

  • Nem igényel semmiféle kezelést
  • Nem vetemedik
  • Rejtett rögzítési mód
  • Színválaszték
  • 10 év garancia


May be used as a floor covering on the surfaces around the swimming pool. The coverings fabricated this way are strong and repellant with low maintenance needs. Attaches well to any concrete layer used in the construction industry. The patterns and colours can be combined according to individual requests.


Traditional solution for floor coverings around the swimming pool with endless variables. One must primarily pay attention to non-skidding during selection.