Why would you compromise?

A SWIM-SPA whirlpool and swimming pool in one.
While planning the wellness pool the primary aspects were function and usability. Thanks to the high performance counter-current system you may use the pool for sports and swimming or simply enhoy bathing possibilities because of its size. Exploit the relaxing and easing services of a massage pool which you get in one, you do not have to spend on a separate swimming pool and massage tub. Depending on the equipment, the pool is fitted with a double circle sandfilter water cleaning system. The 24 supply air jets offer place for the simultaneous massage of three people.

Recommended price


The price is a net amount which contains the recommended basic technology with the necessary wires, built-in but without transportation costs.


The massage pool can be economicaly operated 12 months a year. The pool season is not limited to the summer months. Feel the calming and healing effect of the light therapy. Enjoy the snowy evenings of Christmas in the 36 degree hot water outdoor.

Thanks tot he fibreglass composite ceramic system technology:

  • outstanding structure rigour
  • high surface quality
  • hand lamintaed production technology with meticulous finishing to meet the highest quality requirements
  • 3D multicolor colour choices
  • unusually good heat insulation thanks tot he complete polyurethane foam insulation
    quick and simple installation.
Length Width Depth
500 cm 250 cm 130 cm
Wall thickness Polyurethaneheat insulation Balsawood fortification
11 mm 20 mm 15 mm


Swimming pools

  • 1 water circulation pump with 9 m3/h peformance
  • 3 supply air jets
  • 1 fibregalss sandfilter container D35
  • 1 six-way shuttle valve
  • 1 electronic switch cabinet with IP-protection
  • 1 floor sink
  • 2 skimmers
  • 12 water massage jets
  • 10 air massage jets
  • 2 massage pumps with 30 m3/h performance
  • 1 air compressor with 1200 W performance
  • 1 digital switch panel
  • 1 high performance counter-current system for swimming
  • 1 electric heating with 6-9 kW performance