Clear, simple form which the bench at the stair-side of the pool makes still suitable for wellness and relaxation. We recommend this pool above all for gardens with small space, for inner spaces, it may be used for swimming and sportrs with a counter-currents system. Thanks to its size, only low maintenance costs emerge though its definitely more than a simple plastic pool.

Recommended price


The price is a net amount which contains the recommended basic technology with the necessary wires, built-in but without transportation costs.


Thanks tot he fibreglass composite ceramic system technology:

  • outstanding structure rigour
  • high surface quality
  • hand lamintaed production technology with meticulous finishing to meet the highest quality requirements
  • 3D multicolor colour choices
  • unusually good heat insulation thanks tot he complete polyurethane foam insulation
  • quick and simple installation.
Length Width Depth
700 cm 350 cm 150 cm
Wall thickness Polyurethaneheat insulation Balsawood fortification
11 mm 20 mm 15 mm


  • 1 water circulation pump with 12 m3/h performance
  • 3 supply air jets
  • 1 D550 Sand filter tank
  • 1 six-way shuttle valve
  • 1 electronic switch cabinet with IP-protection
  • 1 floor sink
  • 2 skimmers